Please Board, Mr Sexy Pants

My little bro flew up for a visit the other day. It turned out to be quite an eventful trip.

For a start, he managed to wangle a free trip, which is always a bonus. A friend of his was coming up and said she had a spare ticket for whomever asked first. Nice one.

They get on the plane, and the guy next to them is doing scratchy tickets. I don’t know if you have them where you are, but they’re a form of lowkey gambling. It’s a piece of card you buy from a gas station or corner shop that costs a couple of bucks. You randomly scratch off some elements, and there’s a chance to win a money prize.

Anyway, this guy is doing these and suddenly he says “Oh wow, $20! That’ll cover what I paid for them.” Pretty obviously this happened because my brother was sitting right next to him – he’s got to be a good luck charm, right?

The guy continues scratching away, then leans over and asks “This can’t be right, can it?” Guess what? He won $100,000. Right there and then.

That’s not the eventful bit of the trip. I’m just telling you that coz it’s kinda cool. The eventful bit was about half way through the flight, when the head steward comes storming up the aisle and demands to see both of their boarding passes.

Here’s my brother’s:

I've, uhh, blacked out some of the more incriminating details

This may not come as much of a surprise at this point in the story, but the steward wasn’t coming to offer them a complimentary hot towel for their wit and verve.

The staff on the plane gave them something of a bollocking (local slang: telling off, in this case while the staff standing behind you try not to giggle too loudly).

They were then met at the door by a police officer with rather a lot of pointed questions, although apparently he had the decency to be at least a little amused by it all.

I think my brother might have got away with it though. I reckon it was his friend that really pushed it over the edge.

Her boarding pass? Ms Pimpin’ Bitch.