I Love Myself For Hating This

Sometimes life just sucks.

Well, actually it never sucks, but that’s a whole other story.

Sometimes it feels like life just sucks.

Everything seems to be going wrong. We’re in a terrible mood. We ate some bad clams & the neighbour just ran over our poodle.

In these situations, despite everything we know (in our brains), it can be super hard to even motivate ourselves to do the simple things that will help. Meditate, EFT, go for a run, you name it.

So, here’s a simple trick I learned. Enough to kick you out of a slump & get you calm enough to bring your other tools into play.

Just say “I love myself for hating this.”

That’s it. You don’t even have to believe it, just say it. Keep saying it. You’ll feel yourself calm down super quick.

Like so many of these things, the more energy you put into it the better it will work, of course.

If you’ve got the space, hell, scream it.


Why not? & besides, a good scream now & then can be cathartic. Just don’t scare the cat.

Why does it work? Well, firstly it takes your focus (ie your energy) away from “it” – the thing you’re hating, angry about, upset by or whatever, & brings it onto yourself.

Secondly, you’re giving yourself love, approval, acceptance. Even just saying the words “I love myself” with zero energy behind it is helpful, if you’re in a really negative space. If you can say it & mean it, well, so much the better.

What’s this all about? Well, self-love, self-approval, self-acceptance are the corner stone of any deep healing.

& what better time to heal than when you’re pissed off about something? Maximum emotional connectivity, so maximum effectiveness.

Oh, & feel free to change the words around to suit your situation. “I love myself for being upset”, “I love myself for throwing up”, “I love myself for dancing badly.” It’s your life, you make the rules.

One thing I’ve been learning in spades recently is that life can always be easier, if we just get the hell out of the way & let it be.

Oh, & here’s another awesome technique I found that helps too. Super simple, takes about 2 seconds. It’s all great stuff!