The Rat And The Rose

I was at a friend’s place having a coffee when I saw the weirdest thing (to help you out, I circled it):


Can you see it? Nope, neither could I, at the start.

However, we’d been watching the cat (a delightful Burmese). The cat had seen something interesting, so we were curious what it was. Usually this sort of thing is just a bird. This time though, it was a rat, about 6 inches long (plus tail).

Then we watched the rat climb the trellis. Uhh, what? A climbing rat? Well, ok, I used to be one of those, so I can dig that.

That’s when it got surreal. This rat grabbed one of the roses in its teeth, pulled it off & started climbing down. Now, I got to my camera after it got a foot down the trellis, but check these pics out (I’ve tried to keep the same rose in the top right hand corner so you can track the rat easier as it progresses downwards):

Just behind the ‘marker’ rose.

now well below it

even further

and right off the bottom & into the garden.

Wow, crazy.

Oddly, Google doesn’t have much in the way of “hey, rats love to eat roses!”, so maybe I just got lucky.