How To End Procrastination Forever

I had a realisation about procrastination that I just had to share.

In essence, procrastination is the end result of us having an aversion (or several) to the task at hand.

If you let go of all of those aversions, well, there’ll be nothing to stop you doing it, right?

Ok, so there are several ways to do this (aren’t there always?) however, the easiest one is this:

Just say “YES” (out loud, preferably).

Sales people have known this for years. If they can get a potential customer saying yes, about anything – the weather, the colour of their shoes, it doesn’t matter – it puts them into a decisive, powerful state of mind (aka a state of courageousness). A state of mind where one more yes is easy.

Don’t believe me? Check Amazon – ten thousand books with ‘Yes’ in the title. All about persuading people, making a sale, negotiating and so on.

The thing with procrastination is you’re really trying to sell yourself.

Pic by Megan Elizabeth Ann

So. Even if you don’t believe it (and you won’t, otherwise you’d be doing the task already) just say Yes. Then, release any tension you feel and let go of any thoughts or emotions that come up. Those are the specific aversions that are keeping you procrastinating.

In order to dig up all the aversions you have, simply ask a bunch of questions around the subject. Anything you think might bring up a reason not to do the task:

  • Can I do this? YES
  • Is it going to be easy? YES
  • Will I complete it quickly? YES
  • Will it be painless? YES
  • Can I start it now? YES
  • Can I get it finished? YES
  • Am I able to do it? YES
  • Will I do this? YES
  • Will I do this, NOW? YES

Hit every area you can think of. If you feel internal tension rising (“Wah wah, of course it’s gonna suck!”) then stick with that question, repeat it, saying yes each time (& letting go of every tension/emotion/thought) until you feel clear, and yes feels right.

If in doubt, keep coming back to “Can I do this?” and “Will I do this, NOW?” – those two will tap right into whatever it is that’s holding you back.

I’ve only just started playing with this, but holy crap, how could I not share this with you guys immediately?!?! Give it a shot, I think you’ll be as amazed as I have been.