Day 14,610*

bagel + beach

Honey & almond bagel, best coffee in Melbourne (highly debatable, but still), beach. Perfect start to the day. I also spent roughly 12 hours meditating - which resulted in a perfect end.

I also did a digital detox – no internet, phone off, just BEING. It was a great call.

jellyfish shoe

this was about an inch thick. It looked exactly like a jelly (I didn't check for taste authenticity)

beautiful beach

beautiful yes...

beach warning sign

.. but really NOT very friendly (a ton of these I never even knew existed)

Melbourne city

city walk - notice the sign for the hook turn (hanging from the tram wires) - a Melbourne specialty

Also, a haircut. It’s gone from unpredictable yet interesting to really quite funky. I do love when a hairdresser manages to surprise me with awesomeness.

Graduate Union

Innocuous entryway leads into a sumptuous banquet hall, acres of fruit and vegetables.. my body SUNG for the rest of the day. Needless to say it would have been FAR too gauche to take a photo inside

Later, drinks at The Attic (upstairs from The Black Pearl Bar) – which is so new it doesn’t even have a website yet. I was their fifth customer ever (yes, on 5/5). I mentioned that, & they gave me a free 23 yr old Ron Zacapa (which won the global rum awards five years in a row – until they created a hall of fame specifically for it, so it would stop competing & let some other rum win). It was like drinking malt extract, with a scrumptuous kick.

Unfortunately, I was so wowed by the immaculate service,and incredible interior to remember to take photos. Any bar that creates cocktails that require a blow torch (at the table) & fresh rosemary is all good by me though. Highly recommend, A++++ would visit again.



building art

hello building!

soy hot chocolate

a gentle nightcap (utterly delicious)

street art

street art (note the milk crates next to it, for scale - elephants are always big, right?)

mankind's planned evolution

Actually quite a realistic forecast for mankind's evolution


I walk past these trees a LOT. They utterly captivate me every time. I heart them.

And the big lesson for the day seemed to be (although there was a ton of ancillary growth also):

Listen more deeply. Particularly, do not talk in order to:

  • seem clever (think I’ve mostly already dumped this one, but still)
  • try to gain approval from the other person
  • try to control the conversation
  • try to “help” (since this is typically just an ego based rationalisation for the first two)
  • Or to tell them what you think they need. Just listen

All in all, not at all what I expected, but thoroughly great regardless.


*non-negative integers