How to Clear a Ton of Crap Fast

Remember a while back, I wrote about a more effective version of the Map’n’Tap? Ie, a way to quickly deeply clear everything around any given issue. Well, here’s the fastest way I’ve found if you want to do a whole bunch of maps.

Since any mind map should ideally be about a single subject, if you want to clear a bunch of different subjects, each subject will require a different map.

So, unless we want to the spend the entire rest of our lives tapping frantically, instead of, well, living (*yawn* been there, done that. BORING), you need a fast way to hammer through these. Then you can head off happily to the pub (or wherever) with the freedom of knowing that whatever-it-was that had been bothering you is now a thing of the past.


My general approach (as I outlined here) is to scribble out a map, then next to each item jot if it’s about wanting or lacking Approval, Control or Security (or all three). Finally, I flick on the video & tap along, saying “I love that I lack control (etc) about..” (whatever the item is).

So, here’s the trick to clearing a lot of these things quickly. First of all scribble out all your maps, one after the other. When you’ve finished that, then go through each item on each map & put it into a/c/s (or combos). Only when you’ve completely finished, go through & tap each map.

I find when I’m in that kind of flow, it’s super easy to just flick from one map to the next, with barely a pause in between. Doing them one at a time took forever!

There’s something about not needing to context switch (writing, assessing, tapping) back & forth that makes this way much, much faster than just doing each complete map one at a time.

Anyway, have fun clearing stuff out. I’ve been doing a ton of these over the last month or so & the difference it’s made in terms of inner peace is almost ridiculous.