An Odd Thing I Can’t Explain

I’ve noticed something odd.

The more I stay in a loving space – particularly when the people around me aren’t – the more douche bags seem to exit my life.

Let me explain.

Say someone starts having a go at me online. If I stay in a calm, loving space, most of the time they will simply disappear. Stop talking, block me, whatever.

A similar kind of thing, often almost as quick, happens in real life.

Now, on an esoteric level, it could possibly be said that our vibrations don’t match and they find this uncomfortable and so vibrate their way away. You can see a similar thing when shaking sand in a bowl; it will tend to separate out the big chunks from the smaller grains.

Or maybe they’re just having a shitty time, and they get annoyed that someone won’t assist them in feeling grumpy.

I’m giving them nothing to push against.

Maybe it’s a verbal form of Aikido.

I don’t really know.

Either way, antagonistic, angry or generally nasty people are continuing to vibrate their way out of my life.

And I’m definitely noticing that the more of my own crap I let go of, the more wonderful the people I find around me.

Or maybe they were always that wonderful and I’m only just noticing.