How to Make Spirulina Tasty

Ok, so everyone knows spirulina is good for you. But so many brands taste like ass (uhh, ok, not exactly like ass).

What to do, what to do?

Well, I’ve finally found a way (other than the obvious, masking it in smoothies, with tons of fruit, or, you know, buying all the brands out there till you find one that’s bearable)

Start like this:

That’s cacao powder (on the left), maca (for a bit of kick), and spirulina on the right.

Mix it all up with some raw organic honey (ahh, it’s debatably ‘raw’, but we’ll let that slide), stir in a little water if you like, till it looks like this:

Black Gold! Four superfoods in every mouthful!

Now it LOOKS disgusting (but tastes sooo good), so let’s make it look more appealing. How about this?

Aha! See, now it’s a treat!

If you need some spirulina in a hurry, don’t have time for a smoothie, running out the door to some serious exercise, this is a great way to get it in you fast. Just be sure to follow it with some water or juice – spirulina is so green it has a tendency to leave one with ‘hulk teeth’.