Czech Tower Jumping

Climbers being a bit nuts is nothing new. Here’s a good example:

Notice the complete lack of ropes? Yes, that’s right. Any mistake and he’s dead.

Oddly enough, this guy (Dan Osman) is now. But he died by doing a massive base jump – umm, without a parachute, just with a rope. He was one of those kinda guys, just pushing, pushing, pushing until there was nowhere left to go.

Anyway, turns out they’re not that uncommon in the climbing world. Maybe adrenaline junkies, maybe just a low self-preservation index. Here are some Czech climbers, doing tower jumps:

Full story (and the video, if the above doesn’t work) here

Ho boy, I feel so incredibly grounded & sane, by comparison. In bouldering we don’t use ropes, but you specifically don’t go high enough that a fall is going to damage you – and you always have someone underneath you to cushion the fall. It’s about super intense, short distance climbing. Jumping off though? Ahh, that feels so unintuitive. Counterproductive. Contradictory. And I guess, perhaps, that’s also part of the appeal.