I’m a Recovering Struggle-a-holic.. Are You?

I was thinking things over last night, and had one of those “once in a lifetime realisations”:

I’m addicted to struggling. I like to struggle. I want to struggle.

pic by Ahmad Kavousian

I want things to be difficult, to have to tough things out.

Now, I suspect this comes from a combination of “anything worthwhile takes effort” & the feeling of accomplishment that comes from overcoming ridiculous odds.

But really, who cares why? The important thing is to get it the hell out of my life.

And, mostly, I’ve done that, using a combination of releasing & EFT. There’s still some residual stuff there, but it’s much lighter. How do I know there’s some left? When I went to the bank today it took 45 minutes & 3 different tellers for what is usually a 10 minute exercise. That’s struggling.

Realising that this has been such a deep belief of mine has put everything in my life into extreme focus. So many of the difficulties, the pain, the hardship. I realise now the vast majority (if not all) of them were self created. Fortunately, they don’t have to be. I decide what I believe, so I can change that.

Really interestingly, today I saw for the first time, all these situations where I’m making things harder for myself. Instinctive choices I’m about to make that wind things up instead of down, make things harder instead of easier. The beauty is as I make those different choices, I can, finally, see things smoothing out before me.

So ask yourself. Is your life as smooth as it could be? Maybe?

To get to the point where I was able to admit this to myself has taken a couple of years – again, that’s me struggling. For you? I hope the answer comes much quicker, and is a resounding “Hell No!”