How To Tap All Day (& Not Look Like A Nutcase)

EFT is a pretty useful tool. The only downside is that whacking yourself in the face in public tends to make you look a bit crazy.

And we don’t want that, right?

Now, you can tap with your mind – focus on each point in turn, and simply imagine the tapping process – & that does work pretty well, but here’s another way.

I picked this up from EFT down under – a couple of local blokes with international renown. I thoroughly recommend downloading their free report (it’s all of about 4 pages long) – tons of good info in there.

Anyway, not trying to steal their thunder, but this technique is super useful so I just had to spread it a bit further. How simple is it? Well, you just whack your thumb against the edge of each of your fingers in turn – 5 to 10 times on each finger – just between the tip & first knuckle. Keep looping around to your heart’s content! Like this:

Fear my giant sky hands! fear! feeeeaarr!

Of course, you have (I hope) two hands, so for even more impact, you can do it on both hands at once.

How does this compare to regular tapping? Well, I’ve found that if I’m shifting something big or complicated, then regular tapping kicks slightly more ass, but this is super useful, and effective about 80% of the time. A lot of times this has already shifted enough that I only have to tap one of the “regular” points in order to clear the bigger stuff anyway.

The other big advantage – because it’s the kind of thing you can just do in the background while you’re doing anything else, it is really useful for clearing out a ton of those niggly background thoughts. You know, the kind of noise that just jiggles around, but isn’t necessarily big enough to really put your finger on (umm). After a day of doing this – just a few loops now and then when I remembered, without focussing on anything in particular, I felt a ton of background noise disappearing. Funniest thing was, I couldn’t even figure out what I’d lost, just that things were clearer, & I felt a lot calmer.

I also find that because I can tap much faster with my fingers, I can cycle through a lot quicker, so I’m shifting things much much faster too.

Since this style of tapping is so unintrusive, it’s the kind of thing you can idly do while you’re on a bus, walking down the street, writing with the other hand, whatever. Best of all, without anyone really noticing, or getting yourself chucked in the loony bin.

It’s super handy. Heh, as it were.