How To Kick A Bad Habit In 2 Minutes

So here’s a quick trick I learned recently.

It’s using Neuro Linguistic Programming. But don’t worry about that, it’s super simple.

I was shown this in terms of breaking bad shopping habits, but I figured, since I’m trying out a couple of weeks of 100% raw, why not use it on food places around town that I’ve developed emotional affection for, but that aren’t necessarily the healthiest for me, if-you-know-what-I-mean.

So, here’s the drill:

  1. Think of the habit you’re trying to kick. Get really excited about it. As you do, squeeze your left thumb & fore finger together.
  2. Repeat 1 with as many similar habits as you can. Eg, I just went around all the food places I wanted to stop lusting after. Do this until simply squeezing your fingers together brings up the desire.
  3. Now, think of something you would never buy, no matter what. Something that fills you with utter disgust. The more outraged and digusted you are the better.
  4. Make this disgusting image as big as possible in your mind, so it completely overwhelms you (yeah, puke! puke!). Then, as it maxes out, squeeze your left thumb & forefinger together tightly.

Do this process as many times as you like, until the very thought of the things you craved before leaves you with a feeling of discomfort.

Total time it took me? Oh, about 2 minutes. So far, in the three days since I did this, I haven’t had a single positive thought towards any of these places. In fact, I find it difficult to even think about them. My brain just isn’t interested.