Turn Every Down Into An Up

I had a realisation recently.

Fundamentally, the only person that has any control over how I feel is me.

I choose how I feel.

So, any time I feel bad due to someone else’s actions, I know that’s just a pain body reacting. That’s just my ego, getting in the way, hurting me, wanting me to feel pain.

Therefore, by releasing that pain when it comes up. Feeling the feeling & letting it go, I’m healing everything I experience, right there & then.

For more disturbing, larger or messier things, giving it a good old bash with EFT has also helped kick this stuff out.

Every time that I’ve felt less-than-blissful, it’s been an opportunity for me to heal – to heal whatever it is inside me that is reacting to external stimulus, & leaving me feeling bad.

Ha! And life being what it is, there’s been a lot of chances for that.

As a result? I know I’m in a much, much better place than I have been, simply as a result of doing this.

Now, this journey hasn’t always been pleasant at all. I wouldn’t wish some aspects of it in anyone. However, I have observed that things that have recurred have bothered me less & less till they haven’t bothered me at all.

Know what happens then? They seem to stop happening at all.

pic by ceeceedotca

Why is that?

Well, some people would say that we draw things into our existence because we are a vibrational match for them. Like attracts like, you know, the law of attraction stuff.

Which means is (as unpleasant as it is to hear this) that every miserable thing I experience is there because some part of me wants it there.

Ok, now before we go getting all suicidal here (because that train of thought can get a bit damn depressing if you follow it too long through every bad thing that’s ever happened to you), realise this: These things appear so you can learn.

That’s why, when you learn the lesson (or heal), they simply stop happening to you.

In my case, I’ve had several occasions where I healed enough of that pain & the people responsible quite literally disappeared from my life. Moved away. Overnight.

So that’s the good news.

The point here is this: Every bad thing that occurs to you is an opportunity to instantly, easily & significantly improve your life.

Every upset is a chance for growth.

By immediately letting go of the negative emotion you’re feeling, as you’re feeling it, minute by minute your life is getting – even right through the middle of horrific pain & unpleasantness.

For a start, you’ll stop feeling bad even while things that used to upset you are still happening.

More interestingly, those (previously) negative external situations will, as if by magic, stop occurring.

Now, don’t take my word for it, check it out yourself, by all means.

However, let’s say I’m wrong – what does it matter? If you’ve let go, completely, of your internal reactions to these painful events, then you won’t care anyway. You’ll just sit there like a Hindu cow, cool as a cucumber while things spiral around you.

I know because this is exactly how I became. Their pain & suffering would be swirling around in a way that I know would previously have upset me enormously, & it didn’t bother me in the slightest. The pain body inside me that had been reacting to that particular stimulus had been completely neutralised.

Also, this comes back to our pain bodies discussion. If there’s no internal reaction at all from you, then there’s nothing for the other person’s pain body to push against – so it naturally dissipates – in the quickest, healthiest way possible.

The key things to remember are:

The sooner after the upset you can heal, the better. The fresher the emotion is inside you, the easier it is to get to & remove completely. Ideally, heal it immediately. This is where releasing is so helpful, coz you can do it while the person is still abusing/shouting at/crying on you. With EFT, you have to imagine tapping the points (or discreetly finger tap) – which works but is harder to do if you’re largely concentrating on someone else. Not impossible, but harder than just releasing anything you’re feeling inside yourself.

Be persistent. Don’t get discouraged if it seems like the same pain keeps coming up. Humans are very layered, & some times it takes a while to really get to the bottom of something. There may be many emotional reactions to a situation, or many subtle variations on a theme (eg, someone can insult, demean, disrespect, dismiss. ignore, put down, or disregard you – all basically the same, all subtly different). Just keep lettinig it all go, it all helps.