A Silly Party Game

I was chatting with my sensei this evening, and he told me about a party game he learned. I’m sure this is as old as the hills, but it was new to me, and I found it more than a little eye opening. So, I thought I’d share it with you.

First of all, grab a piece of paper (or whatever new fangled gadget passes for paper these days). Write on it:

  1. Your favourite domestic pet
  2. Your favourite wild animal
  3. Your favourite dessert

And for each, the specific attributes about it that make it your favourite – ie, what appeals so strongly about each.

Go ahead, I’ll wait. Won’t take you more than a couple of minutes.

Finished? Ok, good. Well, here’s what I answered:

Fave pet: a cat – reasons? It’s inquisitive, sassy & elegant

Fave wild animal: the shark – reasons? It has an efficiency > 1 (until recently thought impossible), it’s fast, incredibly beautiful & a little scary

Fave dessert: durian – reasons? the sheer perversity of it, it’s exotic, and orgasmic(ally tasty)

So what does this all mean? Well, there’s a reason I left the explanation till the end – so you could write your answers down (yes yes, I know you’re reading ahead. Stop being cheeky, & jot them down).

An interesting side note. Almost 20 years ago, I did one of those journeying experiences, where you find your power animal. I’m not totally sure about the practical usefulness of this information, but I’m curious about everything, so I gave it a shot anyway. For me, it turned out to be a hedgehog. I kinda realised, over time, that that was a good representation of myself. Prickly as hell on the outside, squishy on the inside. Also interestingly, my favourite dessert has changed radically over the last couple of years, since I started aggressively on this healing path.

So, side note aside, here’s the interpretation, I know you’ve been dying for it:

  • The pet is what you look for in a partner
  • The wild animal describes your own attributes
  • The dessert is how you like sex

.. and I looked at my list, and I thought to myself “You know? That’s a little bit bloody scarily accurate”. I’d guess this also means my power animal has changed (although the implications of this are beyond me).