Three high states, three lists

There are three super high states of being: Courageousness, Acceptance and Peace.

I first talked about them here.

These may not be the utterly highest states possible (how much bullshit wankery do we want to get into, really), but they’re damn good to aim for.

Acceptance is a higher state than Courageousness. Peace is the highest.


Is described as “The willingness to move out without fear or hesitation – to do – to correct – to change wherever needed. The willingness to let go – to move on.”

You can super easily get yourself into this state by just repeatedly & forcefully saying “yes.” It truly is that simple. Of course, getting into a strong, powerful posture also helps


“No need to change anything. No judgements of good or bad. It just is and it’s OK. It is beautiful as it is. I have and enjoy everything as it is.”

This is the “It is what it is” state.


Summed up by “I am – I am whole, complete, total unto my Self. Everyone and Everything is part of my Self. It is all perfect.”

A much argued over term that encapsulates this is enlightenment. We’ve dropped all our crap, or at least  we’re holding a steady state where remaining crap continues to drop effortlessly.

Now, there are three lists that describe each of these states.

The Courageousness List

Adventurous. Alert. Alive. Assured. Aware. Centred. Certain. Cheerful. Clear. Compassionate. Competent. Confident. Creative. Daring. Decisive. Dynamic. Eager. Enthusiastic. Exhilarated. Exploring. Flexible. Focused. Giving. Happy. Honourable. Humorous. I Can. Independent. Initiating. Integrity. Invincible. Loving. Lucid. Motivated. Non-resistant. Open. Optimistic. Perspective. Positive. Purposeful. Receptive. Resilient. Resourceful. Responsive. Secure. Self-sufficient. Sharp. Spontaneous. Strong. Supportive. Tireless. Vigorous. Visionary. Willing. Zesty

The Acceptance List

Abundance. Appreciative. Balanced. Beautiful. Belonging. Childlike. Compassionate. Considerate. Delighted. Elated. Embracing. Empathetic. Enriched. Everything’s Okay. Friendly. Fullness. Gentle. Gracious. Harmonious. Harmony. Intuitive. In Tune. Joyful. Loving. Magnanimous. Mellow. Naturalness. Nothing to change. Open. Playful. Radiant. Receptive. Soft. Tender. Understanding. Warm. Well-being. Wonder

The Peace List

Ageless. Awareness. Beingness. Boundless. Calm. Centred. Complete. Connected. Eternal. Free. Fulfilled. Glowing. Light. Oneness. Perfection. Pure. Quiet. Serenity. Space. Still. Timeless. Tranquillity. Unlimited. Whole


How can you use these lists, to help propel you into those states of being?

You can simply say any of the phrases below, while focusing on each word in turn. I’ve used all of these phrases (and other variants), depending on my mood at the time, and found them all to be super helpful.

  • I am that I am [emotion]. I release and let go of all disapproval. I approve of you Si. I love you.
  • I am that I am [emotion]. I drop all disapproval. I approve of you Si. I love you.
  • I am that I am [emotion] yes! I drop all disapproval. I approve of you Si. I love you.
  • I love that I am [emotion] (my personal favourite)

(replace with your own name, obviously)

Feel free to tweak the words till they resonate most strongly for you. Your own intuition is always the best guide.

After you say each phrase, feel the emotion, and picture it in your head. This helps connect you to it more strongly, and drop any opposing resistance.

Generally it’s good to do courageousness in the morning, acceptance in the middle of the day, and peace at night. It breaks it up so they’re not overwhelming, but also gets you back into a high state for more of the day.

Yep, the first time you go through the lists, they take forever (well, ok, maybe 40 minutes). They’re worth persisting with, it gets much faster as you get the hang of it – down to maybe 10 minutes.

I’ve also found tapping while doing it helps (either full tapping, or just on your fingers). Oh, and going through the video shown here, one emotion per point (as you like). That way the whole list only takes 8 minutes – super quick.

I’d recommend doing this for a few weeks. I went through the lists daily for a coupla months (not perfectly of course, I missed lists all the time, as life got variously crazy).

I can look back and see these lists providing a phenomenal amount of momentum. Clearing lifetimes of junk out, and getting me in a really high, very consistent state of being.

I also noticed – days when I missed my morning list were always, somehow, much worse than days when I didn’t. Even if I only managed to do the first list, it would always get me into a (surprise!) courageous state of being, where I could get up, get out & kick serious ass in the world.

Kickin’ ass. It’s recommended, encouraged even.

[edit, Mar 2012: After almost nine months of doing these lists every day, here’s what I’ve settled on – it’s super fast, and clears deeply.

Tap your karate chop point (side of hand), and say “I love that I’m not [emotion].” If an obvious negation pops into your head – eg emotion=secure, negation=insecure – then use that, otherwise just “not [whatever]” is fine. If you get a resonance on it, keep tapping, saying & releasing whatever comes up. Then, when the negative side is clear, tap & say the positive “I love that I am [emotion].”

It’s also more powerful if you’re sitting up, rather than, say, lying in bed being lazy.

This is stupidly fast (< 5 mins) and clears very deeply.]