It’s Just A Picture In My Head

This is a bit of an advanced technique, but I’ll share it anyway.

By advanced I mean – if you’re feeling in a hole or a bit crappy, it won’t work so well. You have to be in a pretty good state before you’ll be clear enough to really feel its effects.

However, if you’re feeling energetically high, that’s the perfect place from which to use this to reach down and clear out a bunch of garbage.

So here’s the technique.

First of all, focus on the issue – try to really connect with it, feel it, centre on it, SEE IT inside (even if you can’t necessarily describe what you’re seeing).

Then say:

  1. I’m the boss
  2. It’s a picture in my head
  3. And I’m letting it go

And let the picture dissolve and disappear.

In order for this to make any sense at all, I’ll break it down into its component parts.


1. I’m The Boss

The thing with so much of this kind of work is this: Setting intent is what’s really shifting energy around – that’s where the real magic is (thanks Tatjna).

You ARE the boss of your space. If you say something, the energy in and around you MUST obey.

Of course, we don’t easily believe this and so unwittingly self-sabotage, but it’s still true.

The more we remind ourselves “I am the boss, I am the boss” – and particularly, prove it to ourselves, even in very minor ways – the more true it becomes.

When we say we’re the boss then feel things leave, or watch our lives improve even in very tiny ways, we start to believe it.

The more we believe it the more true it becomes. Self-fulfilling prophecy of the very best kind.

Really, all we’re doing here is reasserting our authority over ourselves.

Even if (particularly if) we don’t believe it when we start, saying this sets the tone for how strong we are about what follows.


2. It’s A Picture In My Head

As per my previous post, so much of the nonsense we experience on a daily basis is nothing more than a reflection of the pictures we carry around in our heads.

As we drop our limiting pictures, we improve our lives. As we replace them with empowering pictures, we improve our lives further.

Reminding ourselves that they’re just pictures strengthens our power over the issue.

If we PLAY the victim, we BECOME the victim.

Now I’m not saying that if someone is punching you in the face you should hum a little mantra and tell yourself it’s all a picture. I mean really, hello?

However, if we’re dealing with anything internal – any feeling, thought, belief, habit or pattern – then that’s a picture, or set of pictures.

Rather than feeling victimised or powerless, it encourages us to step into our place of power.

It also helps separate us out from the issue a little bit. If it’s a picture, it’s not us. It’s a different thing. Not even part of us, just something we’re experiencing or (more accurately) carrying around with us.

As soon as we realise that it’s not us, it makes it massively easier to put it down.

It’s as if we’ve spent our entire lives thinking that the massive suitcase we’ve been lugging around is actually part of our arm.

So, by the time you’ve said the first two phrases “I’m the boss, it’s a picture in my head” you’ve massively strengthened your resolve, while also separating yourself out from the issue – in both cases, making it easier for part three.


3. And I’m Letting It Go

As simple as that. You’ve set your intent. Strengthened your resolve. Outlined the relationship between yourself and the picture (hint: you’re the boss)

As you say this part, simply watch the picture dissolve. Imagine it drifting away, fading out, whatever feels most powerful and “right for you.”

Of course, what you’re really doing with this is releasing the image, and thus the issue.


Obviously, it can also be helpful to go through the phrases a couple of times. Never hurts to be thorough. As you connect more with your inherent power, you’ll start to feel things shift faster and faster.

As things shift faster, you’ll realise that just calmly and unequivocally setting your intent is what matters.

These days, just thinking “I’m the boss” puts me into a place of peace. Simply focusing on the issue and saying “I love you” (while watching it dissolve) will clear it. If I’m feeling particularly calm and centred, then simply focusing on it and saying “Yes” will clear it.

As you do it more, it gets exponentially easier.

The great thing about all this is, it’s a form of releasing that is super, super fast. So you can very quickly race through issues that otherwise you might spend forever chipping away at.

The initial caveat stands, however. If you’re feeling a bit messed up, stressed, or otherwise “not centred”, it’d be better to go with a more long winded technique.

If I’m super messed up, then I always go back to EFT. That clears enough junk out that then I can calm the hell down and use faster methods.

If you’re feeling great though, this is an utterly brilliant, super fast way to dump those pesky pictures, left right and centre.