Not Every Picture Needs A Title

When people first start learning EFT, one of the biggest confusions is “What do I say?” Now, with EFT the primary reason you’re talking is simply to keep you focused on the issue at hand – although often stream-of-consciousness verbalisation does lead to unexpected break throughs.

The commonest answer to this question is: “If your situation was a movie, what would the title be? Use that.”

The more I’ve thought about this though, the more I’ve realised – I’ve seen this reaction before. It’s fairly typical if one of my young nephews is asked what they’re feeling for them to answer “I don’t knoooooow!” (typically accompanied by whining and a sad face, but I digress).

Not being able to articulate what you’re feeling is a totally normal thing.

As I’ve gone further on this healing journey, I’ve started to notice this more and more. Many of the things I’m healing are so nebulous they really can’t be explained. Even vague descriptions like “a grey cloud kinda over there” don’t adequately sum them up – as much as simple focusing clearly on the specific energy in question.

If we have an upset stomach, that’s not really an emotion, is it? And yet, it’s still a form of energetic upset – manifesting strongly enough that we feel it physically.

Emotions that we can easily put into words (fear, anger, hate etc) are only the grossest, most obvious forms of non-physical energy passing through us.

That tingling we get when we sense someone looking at us – that’s energy passing through too.

Everything is, after all, just energy.

Once we’ve dealt with most of the big stuff, we’re left with only the small. The perturbations that really can’t be explained any more clearly than “that feeling”.

And that’s ok.

The good thing is, once the obvious stuff is mostly shifted and you’re not experiencing physical or emotion upset as regularly, it gets much, much easier to focus on the more subtle energetic misalignments.

At this point, yes, you can simply draw your attention to whatever energy is clouding things and let it go (using whatever tools work best for you).

Not everything needs a name, and the more quickly you’re able to focus your whole attention on an issue, the easier & faster it is to drop it completely.

It can be easy. It can be fast. It doesn’t always need words.