Food Processor – Inner City Styles

I’m seeing more & more recipes that need a food processor – but my kitchen is only big enough for midgets (or two regular people if one of them stands on the bench)

I already have a juicer & blender (that both see a lot of use). Between them they already take up half my bench space. I have room for a chopping block, and that’s it. So what’s a guy to do?

Well there’s always a solution if you look hard enough, so how about this:

It’s a coffee grinder (not that I drink coffee, but hey). There’s a drinking coconut next to it for scale. It’s TINY. Amusingly, once I got it home, the instructions explicitly said “Do NOT use this for nuts”.. but hey, yah gotta try, right?

I figured cashews would be ok – they’re softer than coffee beans. Sure enough, here’s the result on a coarse grind:

That looks pretty damn good to me! Better yet was the result:

Melon, passionfruit, and cashew nut cream (cashew nuts + some chopped dates + water -> blender).


Now true, it’s really only going to work for small recipes – but I’m generally only uncooking for one, so it’s pretty much the perfect compromise – at a fifth of the cost, and a tiny fraction of the space.

[Update: ha ha! So much for that clever idea. I blew the damn thing up the 4th time I used it *laugh* Got a bunch of nuts stuck underneath the blade, and all the magic blue smoke escaped. Doh!]